Council Member Participation Policy

Active and consistent participation on council, committee and work group meetings is the responsibility of all members.

2.1 Council Membership

2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of Members

2.3 Conflict of Interest Policy

2.5 Member Attendance Policy

2.6 Council Member Values and Expectations

2.7 Council Member Committee and Workgroup Assignments

2.8 Discharge of Council Members

2.9 Council Members Serving on Other Boards

2.10 Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure

2.11 Reimbursement of Member Expenses

2.12 Advancement of Travel and Commercial Transportation for Council Members

2.13 Reasonable Accommodation

2.14 Payment of Professional Services Stipend

2.15 Release Council Member Information

2.16 Members Appointed to Fulfill the Term of a Council Member

Council Officers

As set forth in Article IX of the Bylaws of the Council, the Council officers shall be the Chair and Vice Chair. Officers are limited to Council members who are self-advocates, family members of self-advocates, or guardians of self-advocates and who are not representing another membership category on the Council.

3.1.1 Duties of the Chair

3.1.2 Duties of the Vice Chair

3.2 Election of Council Officers Terms of Service and Vacancies

4.1 Delegation to the Executive Director

4.2 Executive Director Job Description

4.3 Executive Director Evaluation Criteria

4.4 Executive Director Evaluation Process

4.5 Montana Succession Plan

5.2 Contract Funding

5.3 Unused Contract Funds Policy

6.1 Council Meeting and Agenda Development

6.2 Parliamentary Procedure

7.1 Council Committees Workgroups

8.1 Support Persons Code of Conduct

8.2 Reimbursement for Council Member Attendants

8.3 Guidelines for Presentations and Speakers

8.4 Guidelines for Visitors

8.6 Public Comment and Public Participation Policy

9.1 Relationships with State Agencies

9.2 Memorandum of Understanding with State Agency